FIG’s mission

Flying Irish Greyhounds (FIG) is an Irish charity, registered with the Charities Regulator (No. 20102241) and operated entirely by volunteers. FIG’s mission is to increase the number of adoptive homes available to Irish ex-racing greyhounds. We rehome greyhounds within Ireland as well as to the UK and North America. We hope to encourage kindness and compassion for all animals, especially greyhounds.

Greyhounds in Ireland

In 2014 fewer than 1000 ex-racing greyhounds ​were​ rehomed from Ireland to the UK and Europe​ and fewer than 100 were adopted within Ireland. Pre-recession the estimated number of greyhounds born in Ireland per year was over 20,000. Suffice to say that thousands of greyhounds were destroyed. FIG’s mission is to increase the number of adoptive homes available to Irish greyhounds.

Why are so few greyhounds adopted within Ireland?

In Ireland, greyhounds are yet to be regarded as pets. People have rarely met greyhounds ‘up close’. They may have only seen greyhounds at the racetrack or possibly muzzled racing greyhounds walking with their trainers.

Rehoming outside of Ireland is not the solution. FIG started ‘Greyhounds as Pets’ days in January 2017 to raise awareness and encourage local adoptions. We will be holding these ‘meet & greets’ at pet shops & public events to give the general public the opportunity to witness what beautiful gentle pets greyhounds are.

How FIG began

Flying Irish Greyhounds (FIG) was founded June 1st, 2014. In January 2014, Greyhound Pets, Inc. in Washington state, USA expressed an interest in rehoming Irish ex-racing greyhounds. To make it all possible, an airline offered the greyhounds free travel. The idea of ‘Flying Irish Greyhounds’ was born!

In February 2016, FIG expanded its efforts to rehoming Irish ex-racers to the UK as well as America.

In January 2017, FIG started their ‘Greyhounds as Pets’ days to increase greyhound adoptions within Ireland.